A NES/Gameboy inspired platforming adventure. 

How To Play

Move - Arrow keys/WASD/Gamepad directional buttons

Jump - C/Space/Gamepad B


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Love it

Nice platformer. I wish it had been a little more challenging. One thing, when you fall on the spikes and there's a jumping-spring, you can't get on the platform againg beacuse the spring blocks you. A way to indicate the progress would've been nice to have too. Music is cheesy and retro, nice work there.

forgot to mention that when I died and lost all my lives, I went to -1 life.

Needs titles for the levels (eg Stage 1-1). When I died, I had to assume entering door 3 would take me to where I left off. It did but back a few levels. (eg I was on Stage 3-3 and have to start from 3-1).

I wished this was packaged better: a title screen, story and preferably, boss fights. The story could just be Odessa is looking for her kite that flew away.

BTW, I like the aesthetic but it seems more Gameboy than NES...

The game simply ends on black screen. There is no restart or a "Thanks for Playing".

Thanks for letting me know. And thank you for playing too! I think I must have accidentally uploaded an early build - there was supposed to be a "thanks for playing screen. Should be all good now.